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2016 PAR Regional Trainings

Published Monday, March 28, 2016

What to Expect in the Future! How to Address Some of the Changes Coming Near You

Presenters: Anne Haning, Executive Director, Belco Works, Inc., & the Privatization Support Group (PSG) and Van Viney, CEO of MATCO Services, Columbus presentation. Phil Miller, CEO, Portage Industries, Inc., and Allison Young, CEO Ability Works will present at the Cleveland presentation. Jan Ferris, Employment First Manager, Nike Center for Clinton County Board of DD, Steve Beha, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Expanding YOUR Horizons (EYH), Theresa Vernon, Program Initiative Director, Knox County Board of Developmental Disabilities, William Peacock (Athens County), and Cliff Treanor and his mother, Kay Treanor (Fairfield County) will present at both trainings.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

We are in the midst of change.   And while there are still many unknowns, it is important that we all move forward together in both vision and commitment to those who depend on us for support.  Every area within the field of developmental disabilities, including Adult Day Service programs, county-operated workshops, community inclusion, integrated services, Employment First and privatization of County Board-operated programs, each is affected by the significant changes taking place, not just in the way we view people with developmental disabilities, but how we support them as well.  With Person Centered Planning as the foundation for our approach in all that we do, we are able to have better conversations, work better together as a team, and ultimately help people effectively plan for and successfully achieve meaningful life outcomes.  

Experience teaches us that change itself is the only true constant, so we must be willing to adapt if we expect any true growth to happen, and yet our natural response to change is often to feel apprehensive and guarded as we attempt to hold on to what we know, raising questions like the following:

  • How do we push forward in a world of changes and challenges?
  • Where can we get some hands-on training that will truly benefit us?
  • How did we get where we are today and why?
  • How do I help someone get included in their community and fade out while ensuring they are safe?
  • If I am a provider, what do I do to support people under the new rules?
  • How can my Service and Support Administrator help the person and provider as they facilitate the plan writing?  
  • What does person-centered planning look like?
  • What is an outcome?

We understand that change is frustrating and sometimes scary and we want to answer these questions and any others you may have; such as, “What Can I Expect to Get from this Training?”

In this training we will discuss Rule and philosophical changes, as well as, share how two different providers offer services in the community. One provider for example, Expanding YOUR Horizons (EYH) has no facilities, but provides all services in the community.  You will learn how that works for them, the barriers and struggles they must work to overcome, as well as, their successes.  Another presenter plans to share their agency’s journey to privatization and how it is working today. With regard to Person Centered Planning, you will receive information about the process of Discovery and how to help people identify their talents and gifts, their interests, and the places and things they would like to explore, as well as, learn about Person-Centered Planning and how to write meaningful outcomes for people.  And much more!

We invite all providers, families, individuals receiving services, SSAs, and County Board staff to attend this training.

6 hours of DODD certification is approved for Adult Services/Day Habilitation, Service & Support Administration, Superintendent, and County Board Members.

Investigative Agent and Early Intervention are not approved.

*5.25 hours of Social Work certification is approved.



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Published Thursday, March 19, 2015
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